What is StoryBranding

& Why Do You Need It?

Gone are the days of being the customer’s hero. They aren’t looking for a hero because they have already found one in themselves.

You may be thinking, how will they buy my product if they don’t see that I’m the hero that found them a solution to their problem? It’s simple – it’s not about you. It’s about them. They want to be the hero of their own story.

If they aren’t looking for a hero, what are they looking for? Your customer is looking for a StoryBrand guide.  It’s time to be the branding guide and to let them be the hero. But how?

We use StoryBranding to make the customer the hero. StoryBranding is a framework built on 5 simple principles:

1. The customer (the hero) is on a journey to solve a problem they have.

This problem is very real to them and makes them feel specific things. They are looking for you to address these issues in your branding message so they know that you can be trusted.

2. They are looking for a trusted guide.

A guide who has authority to speak into their journey because of their knowledge or past experiences. This authority has made them a trusted and reliable digital agency guide. They want you to tell them in your messaging how you have earned the authority to be their guide (it’s because you know the terrain).

3. Who gives them a plan.

A guide knows the path to take to help others reach the destination that they want to. A StoryBrand guide is the same – they give the hero a 3 step plan (path) to take in order to achieve the end goal the customer is looking for.

4. The plan calls them to action.

The call to action is both direct/immediate (ie: take this 3 step plan now) and also indirect for those who aren’t ready to commit (ie: sign up for this newsletter that will go into more detail about solving the problem that you have).

5. How they handle this plan either results in success or failure.

This is the opportunity for you to list the successes that result from taking this path or the failures that may arise from not doing so. As a guide with experience, you have encouraged many to walk a path and have witnessed the success of those that have done so as well as the failures of those who have not.

The customer is the hero. They write their story. They go through identification transformation. Their success (or their failure) depends on them. And they don’t want you to take any more credit than you deserve.

Why do you need the StoryBranding methodology in your company? The future of marketing is growing and evolving. No longer are people motivated by informational brochures and companies who are just looking to pad their profits. They want to feel. They want to hope. They want to transform. And they want your branding agency to help them or get out of the way. The future of marketing is all about personally engaging, nurturing and engaging with your customers. They want to be known and understood by resources that are relatable, helpful and easy to understand. Through StoryBranding methodology, you are not only understanding the story of your customer but you are also helping them on their journey. That’s all they ever wanted from you.

For more information on StoryBranding, visit BanowetzMarketing.com/Branding-Message. You can also purchase our StoryBrand package on our website or schedule a meeting with Sarah, our Certified Guide, to talk about your brand message and other marketing needs.