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Marketing Leadership Tailored to Meet Your Needs

Growing up in family business cultivated a desire to see small businesses win.


However in trying to win, many small businesses were relying on large marketing agencies for their marketing support. The problem with this was that they were one small fish in a giant pond.


What they really needed was a whole marketing team but couldn’t afford the entire department that the corporate world could afford. They needed the team but at the cost of a single employee.


That’s why Banowetz Marketing was born. At Banowetz Marketing, we take the cost of a single employee and divide it between several individuals working in their specific areas of giftedness. This results in quality, yet affordable, marketing staff.


The kind of marketing that helps small businesses win.

We're On A Mission

To provide family businesses with marketing that works for small and growing businesses.

Business team excited and throwing papers in the air.

We believe wholistic marketing = a balanced marketing mix.

Our Process Includes the Following 7 Steps:

  1. Evaluate Your Business
  2. Build a Website that Actually Sells
  3. Create Sustainable Remarketing
  4. Direct Traffic to Your Business
  5. Build Profitable Accounting
  6. Create a Healthy Work Environment
  7. Build Influence & Profit

Our values are what drive us.

Empathy, patience & kindness.
Mobile work environment.
We use our voice to give others an amplified voice.
Family first, business second.
Businesses should have internal marketing personnel.

We believe you have what it takes to effectively market your company.

You want to win and we think you should.

Together we can challenge the status quo.

Break down glass ceilings.

Succeed In Business.