Your Talent Impacts Communities

Help family businesses thrive with your unique area of giftedness.

You Belong on Our Team!

Whether an introvert or an extrovert, you are a people person and love seeing the best in others.

You understand the DISC profile and know where you land on it. You’re able to communicate how the work you love doing correlates well with your personality style (DISC profile). 

You may or may not have a college degree. If you don’t, you’re self-taught in your area of giftedness and are able to exceed client expectations to create immense value for family businesses. 

You have access to high-speed internet and a reliable computer that is powerful enough to handle the digital tools of your trade. Although appreciative of a flexible schedule, you understand the importance of meeting deadlines and clear communication with your teammates. 

Who We Serve

Banowetz Marketing Cedar Rapids Team Focused Growth Focused

Growth Focused Companies

Our clients own companies that have 10-75 employees. They may have multiple locations. They span industries and areas of the USA/world but the one thing they all have in common is that they would be defined as ‘Main Street’ or family businesses.

High I-D Business Leader

Referring to the DISC profile, we serve the High I-D family business leader. While both are high for them, ‘I’ is the highest. This is the kind of person that cares about having a positive impact on those around them (I) and also have enough drive and directness (D) to lead a team well. 


Banowetz Marketing Cedar Rapids Team Focused Growth

Clear, Sales-Focused Goals

They are looking for clear, sales-focused marketing that produces results while also taking work off their own plate. We serve them best when we’re communicating clearly and are more focused on their outcomes than the sales we make from them.

Our clients resonate with us because we care about the same things.

Empathy and having a positive impact on others is the heartbeat of our company. They, like us, see themselves as leaders who serve – not as a ‘boss’. 

We work closely with our clients since we play the role of their “in-house” marketing department although we’re working on a contract basis.  

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Who We Are

We are a marketing agency that was built to serve family and small (‘Main Street’) businesses. We provide marketing direction and implementation that is customized to the needs of each client. We understand entrepreneurial hustle, the stress and the unique needs of family business owners and their teams. 

Although we didn’t know each other before working together, we are friends. We care about each other and look for the best in each other. We address issues directly but also kindly. When one of us is hurting, we hurt with them. When one of us is celebrating, we celebrate with them. 

We each work in our area of giftedness and combined we provide powerful value to our clients. We believe that entrepreneurship helps with human flourishing and we know that graphic design, copywriting, website editing, and encouraging our business leader clients to keep on keeping on is important for communities to thrive. 

Although we used to work from a shared office, we have enjoyed the freedom that has come from being able to work from anywhere. We’re comfortable on Zoom calls with each other and our clients. 

We humbly recognize that each of us are leaders – we are leaders who serve leaders. We serve in this capacity humbly and lovingly. We’re hungry to reach our life goals and strive to turn dreams into plans. 

Being an equal opportunity employer isn’t a phrase for us – it’s infused in our DNA.