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“I cannot thank you enough for your help and encouragement during this process! I was completely lost on branding and marketing when we had our first meeting. Now I feel like I know what steps to take to continue pushing my business forward. I certainly could not have gotten here without you and your team, and I hope to keep working with you to continue pushing forward to serve more clients!”

- Zachary Cooper

“… Working with Banowetz Marketing gave us the confidence and a roadmap to go from very little online marketing skill, to having a fully thought out and running online marketing system. We continue to tweak and adjust, using the skills we gained. Think of it as a couch-to-10k but for small business marketing. It took a lot of hard work to gain competency of new skills and platforms, and it was empowering to find ourselves on the other side with skills we built in very short order.”

- Cameron Akrami

“Our association was renamed ‘Refugee and Immigrant Association’ after the suggestion of Banowetz and team. From there, all the administration side of the setup for the website, Facebook page, and custom email was set up for us. This was a part of the American spirit helping welcome refugees and lift us up.”

- Jean Paul Mugemuzi​

“I was looking for a new website and hired Banowetz Marketing for the project. Creativity and knowledge was exhibited in the planning and implementation of a site that would incorporate my numerous professional endeavors. I appreciated the hard work and personal service I received.”

- Emma J. Aquino-NemEcek​

“Sarah and her team at Banowetz Marketing have been a great partner to work with on our new website and marketing initiatives. They are efficient, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. I can’t wait to continue collaborating on our upcoming projects.”

- Tami Mysak​

“I have seen the billboards created by Sarah at Banowetz Marketing and they really grab your attention. I also sat in a podcast with Sara(h) Squared and had SO MUCH fun. If you or your business is looking for a marketing outlet, this is my recommendation.”​

- Lisa Huggins​

“Sarah was very helpful in walking me through some basic social media marketing steps. She was professional, helpful, and interested in helping.”​

- Seth Watson​

“Banowetz Marketing is high energy and creative. The owner, Sarah, is personable and cares about her clients.”

- Lianne Wescott​

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