Marketing Strategy Services that set you apart and generate results.

Leverage Strengths

Disarm Threats

Grow Your Business

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You Deserve a CMO that Works as Hard as You do.

At Banowetz Marketing, we use our industry knowledge in the digital marketing space to create dynamic strategies and plans to help you win in business

Social Media Strategy

We help you develop content that increases your engagement, expands your reach, and amplifies your social presence.

Marketing Strategy

We help you create a marketing strategy that is data driven, adaptable to industry change, closely monitors your ROI, and provides timely feedback.

Digital Strategy

We help your brand develop creative, effective, and unique campaigns that secure object permanence in the minds of your ideal customer.

Marketing Guide

Banowetz Marketing, a Cedar Rapids Digital Marketing Agency, is a team full of marketing consultants who will help you with your marketing mix ether in done for you services or side by side guidance.

Marketing Growth Strategy

We know that you want your business to grow. In order to do that you need a strategy that capitalizes on your strengths, evaluates your weaknesses, finds opportunities, and disarms threats. We help you get there.

Strategic planning

Our team helps your business develop systems and procedures so that your tasks can be accomplished quickly and efficiently.

You shouldn't have to strategize alone.

Keeping up with marketing industry changes can feel overwhelming. We believe every business leader should have a marketing strategy ally. We're here to help.

You’ve found the answer to marketing and advertising companies near me. 

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Your Company Needs a Good Strategy. We Can Help, Here's How.

1. Meet Your Team

If you have a project you want to put into action, we're a small business creative agency that will help you find the solution you're looking for.

2. Get Marketing Strategies That Meet Your Goals.

You have the vision, we'll help you set stretch goals to get there.

3. Increase Influence & Profits

We believe that entrepreneurship helps communities, families & leaders flourish.

Purchase the Marketing Health Assessment for $25 here or receive it for FREE when booking a complimentary consultation with us.

Storybrand Service Pricing

Verbal Brand standards Package starts at $4.895 

You want to stand out amongst your competitors.
We help you get there.

Marketing strategies tailored to your needs and SEO services built to help your family business thrive.

Marketing Strategy Services

Social Media Strategy
 Our Certified StoryBrand Guide will create a story your audience can relate to in a simple and easy to understand way that makes them the hero.
StoryBrand Brandscript PDF
Like the visual parts of your brand, it's essential that your verbal branding is consistent in everything you do.
StoryBrand Graphics
Whether you have a logo you want updated or need logo to get started, we would love to help you get the logo that best represents your company.
StoryBrand Website
Our goal is to make sure that your website isn’t just an informative ‘brochure’ but actually helps you sell. In order to do this, your site needs to clearly communicate the following three things.
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Marketing is Most Effective with a Complete Marketing Mix

Banowetz Marketing helps your business to develop an effective marketing strategy so that your business continues to grow in influence and profit. 

Marketing Strategy FAQ's

You have questions. We have answers.

The Right Marketing Plan for Your Success

Follow a clear plan to build an impressive business:

Get a simple or comprehensive analysis of what you’re working on.

Product, price, promotion, place, people, process and physical evidence.

Cohesive visual and verbal branding that work together to drive results.

Website, marketing systems, and sales automations for the win.

Digital and non-digital advertising to grow your business.

Dig deep into data to constantly improve your return on investment.

Grow confidently while also impacting communities and families.