The Top 8 Things You Really Need to Know About TikTok for Business

From one social media platform to the next, many small business leaders struggle to know which platforms to use, what to say and when to post. When a new platform rolls out, it can be especially difficult to know if it is worthwhile to invest resources in whether it be time, money or both. One such platform is TikTok.

Top Pros for Small Business Owners Using TikTok

  • Algorithm. Tik Tok’s algorithm is based on interest instead of social connections. A great comparison for this algorithm is early computers vs today’s modern iPhone and programs. TikTok acts like a sports car on a super highway! The more that you use Tik Tok, the more the app is able to refine delivering content to you that you would really enjoy. This unique and near perfect algorithm is how they keep you on the app because the content is perfectly tailored to your unique interests.  
  • Target Demographic. Because of the perfectly tailored algorithm, it’s MUCH easier to find your target demographic. You don’t even need to try to find them because as long as you know who they are and create content FOR THEM, the algorithm is so strong that Tik Tok will do the connecting for you. 
  • Authenticity. The most authentic social media app we have had so far because the algorithm is based on interest instead of social connections. This means that people are more confident in sharing their authentic life because the people they’d be friends with in real life are the ones who see their content.  In addition, the ‘talking head’ videos make people feel like they’re FaceTiming. Because of this, users can share their lives more naturally than YouTube.
  • More than dancing. Throw away the idea that Tik Tok is just a dancing app – it’s so much more. As a business leader, I find myself downloading videos and screenshots from other like minded business leaders who offer insight, encouragement and support. Keep in mind that each person’s FYP (For You Page) and therefore TikTok experience is VERY different based on your unique interests as a business leader. 


Top Cons for Small Business Owner’s Using TikTok in their Marketing Strategy

  1. Security Issues. A foreign country (China) owns all the data on the app. Because it’s an audio/video app, you must give it permission to use your camera and microphone. This means that you also have given it permission to access your camera and microphone even when you’re not using TikTok at the moment. In addition, because of the tight algorithm of the FYP (for you page), the news you see on the app is not always objective. There is a possibility that the news you see on the app is controlled / fake news.
  2. Lack of diversity. Black content creators have been vocal about their videos not doing well on TikTok. Sources like NPR, NBC, Insider, Rolling Stone, Time & BBC have all talked about it. You can read more about what’s being discussed in these RollingStone and Yahoo Sports articles. If you’d like to find some creators to follow, check out this Distractify blog and this post here
  3. Managing Multiple Social “Storefront’s”. As small business owners, we need to start thinking of our social profiles as storefronts. For example, a “TikTok storefront” , a “LinkedIn storefront” etc- how do I staff it? How do I merchandise it? Many business owners wouldn’t think they could put two part-time staff members in 3 stores, cities apart and expect them to be able to manage and run everything. However,  that is how many small business owners are viewing social media. We need to change the narrative.
  4. Addictive. TikTok can be addictive and that’s part of the design of it. The mentality is “just one more video” and 2 hours later, you can find yourself still on the app. Although there is so much good content for small business owners to learn and grow, be mindful of the time you spend on the app. 

As your small business grows and expands, we hope that this resource of TikToks for Small Business helps you as you navigate another social media platform, leveraged for your success. Your small business needs more than a one size fits all approach. You need a tailored marketing plan from a small business marketing agency you can trust. So, align your vision, set the goals and enjoy the growth you have worked hard for. Schedule a FREE Marketing Consultation today!