Build an
Impressive Business

Gain a competitive edge.

It's not right that past marketing efforts haven't provided the results you want to see.

We believe your marketing can succeed.

We use our marketing skills to guide you.

Even if previous efforts fell short.

We speak simply and pivot quickly.

Even if you've had a confusing plan.

We’ll build you a clear one. Quickly.​

Even if you're wary of an agency.​

We’ve been on your side of the table.​

The Right Marketing Plan for Your Success

Follow a clear plan to build an impressive business:

Get a simple or comprehensive analysis of what you’re working on.

Product, price, promotion, place, people, process and physical evidence.

Cohesive visual and verbal branding that work together to drive results.

Website, marketing systems, and sales automations for the win.

Digital and non-digital advertising to grow your business.

Dig deep into data to constantly improve your return on investment.

Grow confidently while also impacting communities and families.

Marketing Services

StoryBrand Messaging

Create a story that makes your customer the hero.

Research & Strategy

Market your content to the right demographic.

Website Design

Simple and easy to understand web design that drives results.

Email Sales Sequence

Nurture campaign to create connection with customers.

Graphic Design

effective branding that helps your business get recognized.


Online and social media ads that reach your market.


Search Engine Optimization that drives traffic.


Web copy that makes a complex message clear

Ready to take your marketing to new heights?

We use a balanced marketing mix to get you there.

Banowetz Marketing Cedar Rapids Team Focused Growth
Get a Marketing Consultation

What are your businesses pain points and how can we help?

Fix Your Marketing

Done-for-you services or done-with-you assistance. Either way, we're here to help.

Build Influence & Profit

We believe that entrepreneurship helps communities, families & leaders flourish.

Purchase the Marketing Health Assessment for $25 here or receive it for FREE when booking a complimentary consultation with us. Got questions about Storybrand? We’re happy to help.

You are in the business of creating solutions that positively impact lives.

We are in the business of helping you.

Digital marketing strategies tailored to your needs and systems built to help your family business thrive.

49+ Years

Owners have a combined 49+ years in small business ownership.

3 Generations

Multi-generational family business experience.


Entreleadership Elite Member Since 2018
Sarah Banowetz and Terry Carlson smiling


That’s when a lightbulb went off.

Small businesses benefited from a whole digital marketing team but couldn’t afford the entire department that the corporate world can afford. They needed the team but at the cost of a single employee.

At Banowetz Marketing, we take the cost of a single employee and divide it between several individuals working in their specific areas of giftedness. This results in quality, yet affordable, digital marketing staff.

In addition, sixteen months into the start of Banowetz Marketing, my mom bought into my company which turned it into a multi-generational, family business of it’s own. Our clients have directly benefited from this personal experience in family business. 

Get started and let us help your business thrive with tailored Storybrand messaging!

Sarah, Storybrand Certified Guide

Family businesses require a special type of entrepreneurial hustle.

Banowetz Marketing provides a working action plan with StoryBrand messaging so your business can thrive.

We know that you want to be confident in your digital marketing efforts. In order to do that, you need an entrepreneurial digital marketing team to help guide you in increasing your cash flow and getting new customers. 

Here’s to make it happen:

  1. Evaluate your Business 
  2. Get digital Marketing Direction
  3. Build Influence & Profits

Is it time to get digital marketing help for your family business? Get a complementary consultation from a Cedar Rapids marketing agency by clicking here. In the meantime, pick up the Thriving Family Business Action Plan so that you can stop feeling frustrated and instead thrive!

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Build a thriving family business with marketing that actually works!