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We are excited to podcast with local area business leaders in order to uplift, build and inspire. Listen to our interviews with the experts and receive actionable marketing strategy & direction that you can implement within your business right away.

Growing a business takes grit, determination and hard work. Building a business from the ground up can leave small business leaders frustrated, worn out and worst of all – alone. The BanMar Podcast works to unite business owners from across the globe in purpose and mission.

No business leader should ever feel alone.

Each podcast is designed to leave you inspired and uplifted with the tools you need to lead your business well.

Get Inspired, Uplifted & Equipped to Lead Well

“Learning is not a one-time event or a periodic luxury. Great leaders in great companies recognize that the ability to constantly learn, innovate, and improve is vital to their success.” – Amy Edmondson

Latest Episodes
Man and woman sitting at a table in front of microphones talking to a woman at the other end of the table while they record a podcast.

BEV the BARbarian

Entrepreneurs are able to turn ideas into success with passion and hustle. Chris and Kelsey are the perfect example of that with their portable bar ...

The Employee Experience

Leaders set the culture for their employees' experiences. In this episode of the Banowetz Podcast, Sarah and James reflect on their experiences in leadership roles ...
Justin Buck recording a podcast with Banowetz Marketing in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Crafting Pies

Pizza isn’t a new concept, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for creativity when crafting pies! In this episode of The Banowetz Podcast, Justin ...
Stephanie and June talk to each other in front of microphones while recording a Banowetz Marketing podcast in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Being Their Voice

In this episode of the Banowetz Podcast, Stephanie and June talk about Stephanie's experience with balancing work and home life while doing what she loves ...
Neil and Deda of Koru Berry Farm talk into microphones at a table while recording a podcast with Banowetz Marketing.

Making Dream Weddings Reality

In this episode, Neil and Deda discuss the hardships and heartwarming moments of running a wedding business as a husband and wife team that allows ...
Jamie Swanson talks in a Banowetz Marketing podcast over Zoom.

Pivoting Well During Change

Jamie Swanson, business owner and course-creator, discusses what she's doing to pivot during the Covid-19 shutdown. She discuss the release of her new training to ...
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