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Project Type: Rebrand

How it All Started

We partnered with Quint and Jennifer of Rosedale Park and Zest Catering Co. (previously A Touch of Class) in 2020 to help them grow their business and, in 2022, rebrand the business they bought in 2018 to fit their vision (rather than the vision it was created to reflect two decades ago).

Their vision was to separate the event venue from the catering business, update the interior of the venue, and brand both businesses in a way that reflected the history and character of each without making the two feel disjointed. Their new brands became Rosedale Park Event Center and Zest Catering Company.

In order to turn A Touch of Class into Rosedale Park and Zest Catering, they needed two new brands, logos, websites, and modified ongoing marketing plans to ensure a smooth brand release and effective SEO and community awareness of the changes.

Branding & Graphics

Rosedale Park and Zest Catering Co. needed entirely new branding and brand assets to represent the name change as well as the vision that Quint and Jennifer had for their businesses.

Their vision was to have a venue with its own characteristics that could also be shaped to fit each unique event held there, and a brand for their catering company that represented fresh, vibrant flavors and a customizable experience. Encompassing that vision included creating full brand guides, logos, websites, new photography and other graphic assets (such as menus and lead generators).

Special attention was focused on ensuring that the two brands would coordinate when viewed together, so as not to be confused for completely unrelated entities.

Rosedale Park Brand Colors

Zest Catering Co. Brand Colors

Web Design

We launched custom, StroyBranded WordPress websites for Rosedale Park and Zest Catering. These websites were designed to let customers easily find Rosedale or Zest through relevant keyword searches, to provide simple navigation to information and contact/inquiry forms and to clearly communicate the problems they solve for the customer.

Both websites include StoryBranded graphics and custom photography to convey the message of each company and seamlessly represent the individual brands as well as how the two brands intertwine with each other. Emphasis was also placed on ensuring that the old brand, A Touch of Class, was referenced to inform customers of the change and help customers that may still be unaware of the change navigate to the right place if searching for the old brand.

Contact and inquiry forms were included for convenient communication, and lead generating forms were included to introduce an automated lead generation drip email campaign to those interested.

Search Engine Optimization

We set search engine optimization practices in place to allow for ongoing improvement and updates as practices evolve, as well as a solid site architecture to build on for keyword additions.

Tools such as Google My Business, Google Analytics, and keyword rank tracking are used to track progress and provide a basis for the ongoing direction of SEO efforts.

We also employed several schema types for improved crawling by Google search bots.
In addition, we optimized their Google My Business profiles in order to improve their reach in local searches.

Lead Generation

We updated their lead generation forms and refined their drip campaigns in order to continue to nurture their warm leads. Special consideration was given to the type of lead generators created for each industry and the types of drip campaigns to follow.

In addition, we created, ran and analyzed routine Facebook ads for both Rosedale Park and Zest Catering.

The Results

Jen Howell
Owner of Rosedale Park Event Center

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