How to Use Digital Marketing to Promote Your Business

Digital Marketing is the online face and storefront of your company. Business leaders that want a completely balanced marketing mix realize that they need to leverage both their traditional and digital resources in order to break into the markets and platforms where they can reach their ideal customer.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing or digital advertising can be defined as maximizing all the channels where you can promote your business online. This can be done through your website, social media channels and through search engines / ppc ad’s. In order to do this well you need to understand two things: the definition of the digital market and advertising defined. 

The digital market defined: The digital market is the hub where your ideal customer hangs out online. This isn’t “one location” but all the digital locations they visit from your website to social media to search engines.

Advertising Defined: copy written in the language your ideal customer speaks and delivered to them directly where they are at. The best digital advertising speaks to your ideal customer’s pain, guides them to a solution so that their problem is fixed and they come out the hero of their own story.

Digital marketing for business

If you own a business or lead in business, you are familiar with marketing business online. The basics for digitalization in marketing start with the following:

  1. Website that sells. You really just need a landing page with extremely clear, effective messaging and good web design (we use Storybrand messaging) and simple SEO-rich content right now. 
  2. Create Sustainable Remarketing. Remarketing is important because it keeps communication open with the leads you’re paying for. Buying traffic is expensive no matter where that traffic comes from (TV, social media, print, radio, etc). You’ll be using cheaper retargeting methods to keep talking to the traffic you buy so you can get more from your ad spend.
  3. Direct Traffic To Your Business. Choose a traffic source or sources and start sending eyes to your new website/landing page with your set-up remarketing method. You’ll also look at the ROI of your traffic sources, your ‘creative’ and your messaging to analyze and plan the best use of your advertising dollars.

Following these 3 online marketing practices will lay a good foundation for digital marketing for business.

What is Social Media in Digital Marketing

Social media in digital marketing means that marketers are using social media platforms to market to their ideal customers. Whether it is boosting a high performing post so that more people see it (beyond their followers) or creating targeted ads so that people see them while they are using their favorite social media platforms means that small businesses can meet ideal customers right where they are at. Oftentimes social media is used to send over potential customers to a businesses website so that they can convert them there.

Best Companies for digital marketing?

When looking at the best companies for digital marketing, the following are are a few important things to consider:

  • Active and Engaged Social Following. This is proof of concept that their work is significant and making an impact.
  • Case Studies, Testimonials and Reviews. What are their past customers saying about them and what significant impact they made on the digital world.
  • Website. Does their website clearly state who they are, clearly define the problem they solve and make it easy for the customer to purchase. Old outdated with poor design can be an indicator that the company is stagnant or not focusing on their own personal online presence.
  • Values and Mission. Do you resonate with the company’s value and mission statement? The best partnerships are aligned not only in vision but mission as well.

How well is your company keeping up with the latest trends in digital marketing? Do you have an updated website that sells? Are you using both targeted ads and re-targeted ads? Do you need help with your digital marketing vision? We can help. Contact us today at