Creative Agency

At one time or another, most leaders have turned to a creative agency to help them amplify their current marketing campaign and initiatives. What many people don’t realize is that agency creatives are so much more than visual elements. The best creative agencies are holistic in nature, defining all aspects of the campaign as it relates to the creative elements both in visual and verbal, print and digital, interactive and stagnant; and analytical and emotional.

What is a Creative Agency?

Creative agencies play an integral role in a balanced marketing mix by providing their customers with advertising and design services. The best agency advertising offers a comprehensive plan to the creatives in both visual and verbal branding. Included in the creative agency team are graphic designers, copywriters, website builders and designers, social media strategists, etc.all who work together to develop, create and share the creative advertising campaign for their client.

What Marketing and Advertising Services that Creative Agencies Provide?

The marketing and advertising services provided by a brand agency are all aspects of branding as it relates to visual brand standards. These brand standards set the foundation for design work across both digital and print platforms. Included in the brand standards are global fonts, typography, colors, logo, types of photos to be used, etc. These standards are then used to create the production and placement of advertisements.


How to Choose a Good Creative Agency?

When you perform a search “ad agencies near me,” – so many options pop up. How do you differentiate the ones that are the best fit for your small  business? We have found the following elements to be central in picking the creative agency that is the best fit for your small business:

  1. Active and Extensive portfolio. There is no better way to get the feel for a creative agency other than the work they have done for past clients. It is here that you can visit the depth and scope of their past projects.
  2. Case Studies. Success isn’t just given, it’s earned. See how creative agencies have earned their success through thorough case studies. Understand the scope of their work as it relates to your industry. 
  3. Listen to your goals, needs and wants. At this point, you have likely found a creative agency. Ensure that as you work together, they listen to your goals, needs and wants rather than pushing their agenda for what works best for your company. Ensure you feel confident in this phase before moving on.
  4. Don’t move on until you both have reached an agreement. There is nothing worse than ambiguity for a solid working relationship with your creative agency. Ensure that your goals are clear and agreed upon before pushing forward in a project.


The best creative agencies provide many digital agency services to meet your needs and fit your budget. Ensure that you have access to itemized pricing for full transparency and be sure to know how much of the work to be completed will be outsourced to other agencies.


Enjoy campaign success that comes from working with a creative agency. Looking for a brand agency? Search for “ad agencies near me” and select Banowetz Marketing- your full service marketing agency for your unique small business needs.