Brand Designer Role, What Is It? How To Become A Brand Designer?

Smaller companies, just like larger companies, want to influence the perception of their company within their own unique industry. That is why all companies, large or small, need a brand designer. The brand designer works tirelessly to influence a potential customer holistically so that they are not only moved to action but are confident in the action they take.


What is a brand designer?

A brand designer is an all encompassing term for the individual on the team who is responsible for all things creative. This not only includes colors, typography, logos, graphics etc but also extends to positioning, shapes, visual taglines and visual representations on websites, print media, billboards and more. A brand designer breathes life into the still words so that together, they tell a story that moves customers to action.

Are brand designers and graphic designers the same?

Brand designers and graphic designers are not the same role although oftentimes in many smaller companies, one individual will take on the responsibilities of both roles. Brand designers’ whole role is to influence the minds of consumers through all of their senses and move them to action. They are able to take an abstract concept and direct it to reality through actionable items. Graphic designers then take these concepts and visually display them through multiple media forms.

What do brand designers do?

Think of brand designers as holistic in nature. Because they are responsible for influencing potential customers, they must appeal to all the senses from sight to smell, touch, hearing and even tasting. They must think of all the ways that a consumer can interact with your brand so they are influenced on every level. Moreover, they are also responsible for how these interactions work together to form an overall perception in the mind of their ideal consumer.

Why do even small companies need a brand designer?

Whether the graphic designer fills both the role of the brand designer and graphic designer or the role of the brand designer exists alone, every small company needs a brand designer. There must be someone on the design team who is consciously thinking about how their ideal consumer interacts with their brand in everything they do. There must be an individual owning the perception of your brand and acknowledging how customers are interacting with your brand and how you want future customers to interact with your brand.

How do you determine if your brand designer is working well for you?

Since brand designers are responsible for the perception of the brand, one of the best ways to determine if your company is achieving the perception it wants to is through market research, customer satisfaction surveys and related keyword searches. Secret shoppers can also show the perception through following a customer journey profile. All the results of these tests should lend to the perception you are working to achieve.

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