Are Your Customers Living A Story?

Our world craves connection. From the small child hoping to convince his mother to buy him a small toy at the checkout to the elderly man looking for new shoes that won’t give him blisters, we want to connect with the products that we buy. StoryBrand has unlocked that code.

What makes Storybrand Unique for Small Business?

Storybrand by Donald Miller is the methodology that customers connect better to a product when there is a story around it. Brands that tell stories have a unique way of connecting with their ideal customers on a deeper level. This is because they not only detail the problem their consumers face but they also empathize with the way that the problem makes them feel and agree with them that that feeling is just plain wrong. Crafting a unique brand story is simple as a 7 step framework.

Understanding Storybrand for your company

At first, creating a story for your small business can feel atribrary but it doesn’t have to be with the Sb7 framework. What is the Sb7 framework? The Sb7 Framework are the 7 steps that comprise the Storybrand story. They are as follows:

  1. The character (your customer)
  2. Has a problem (the one you solve)
  3. Meets a Guide (your company, chosen for your authority in the industry)
  4. Who gives them a plan (easy 3 step process that solves the problem the customer has)
  5. With a call to action (should be evidently clear to the customer and moves them to action)
  6. That result either in success (success the customer can achieve with your help)
  7. Or in failure (negative results that could happen if they don’t get your help)                                                                                                          When your company uses this Brand Messaging Framework as a guide to creating your company’s brand story, you create a story that your ideal customers connect with.

How to get started with Storybrand?

We recommend that each business work with Certified Storybrand Guide. A certified Storybrand Guide goes through intensive training in order to receive a license to create Storybrand files. In addition they receive the support from the Storybrand community in order to deliver the best Storybranded stories.. Storybranding your small business is an investment in connecting with your customer and definitely worth it. Not sure Storybranding is right for you? We offer a small one liner workshop that helps you in building a story you will use across all platforms and acts as a catching slogan you can tell anyone to help them understand your business well. Visit our Banowetz Marketing Events page to find out more.

Storybrand Website Examples and Why We love them

Are you loving the Storybrand concept but are wanting to see some real life examples? The following sites are some of our favorite Storybrand Website Examples:

  1. Next Season Advising. The transformational identity (what the ideal customer wants is clear and up front – student athletes want confidence as they navigate life after college sports.
  2. Zachary A. Copper Law. Clearly communicates the problem and what is plain wrong: worrying about your family future.
  3. Al’s Full Service Auto Repair. Transparent and easy to follow 3 step plan: get an appointment, receive a transparent diagnosis and repair process and be back on the road quickly.
  4. A Touch of Class. Invokes a feeling of calm as they detail who takes care of the planning. 

Our unique Approach: Storybranding with Banowetz Marketing

At Banowetz Marketing, we know a one size fits all approach won’t work for every marketing story. That is why we have created some small steps to help each small business win when it comes to Storybranding. You can read more about how we help small businesses with their Story of a Company at Top Takeaways from a Certified Storybrand Guide and What is Storybranding and Why Do You Need It.

 Your small business needs more than a one size fits all approach. You need a tailored marketing plan from a small business marketing agency you can trust. So, align your vision, set the goals and enjoy the growth you have worked hard for. Schedule a FREE Marketing Consultation today!