5 Things You May Not Know About Working with a Local Marketing Company

2024 Update: This blog post dates back to an earlier chapter in our company’s history, when we were known as Banowetz Marketing, primarily providing marketing services with a focus on web development. Since then, BanMar has undergone a strategic transformation. While we continued as a professional services provider, we now cater to enterprise-level clients with needs for contracted, AI-powered software and hardware engineering solutions. This evolution reflects our commitment to innovation and the broadening of our expertise to better serve our clients.

Large marketing agency or local marketing company – there’s often a pro’s and con’s list to either side. What many small businesses don’t realize is that what large marketing agencies wave as expertise is a dismissal of knowing the heart of their ideal customer. The following 5 things may surprise you about your local marketing company.

They Care More Than the Larger Marketing Agencies.

That one is a hard one to spit out but true. Most local marketing companies truly want to see your business grow and win. For them, it goes beyond earnings and even ROI. It comes down to heart, hustle, attention to detail, care and concern. Because when you win, they win.

They offer uniquely tailored plans.

Most local marketing companies don’t do a one size fits all approach. They know that your business has unique needs and needs uniquely tailored plans to experience the maximum amount of success. Most local marketing companies will take a deeper dive into your business to create a multi-faceted marketing plan so you can experience growth in multiple areas.

They are more holistic and comprehensive in nature.

A lot of larger companies are outsourcing most of their jobs which means that they don’t always have their hands directly in the mix and therefore don’t always know how each piece is working together. A local marketing company has to be holistic in nature – each person on the team has to gain strengths in other areas to survive which means more often than not, they know which pieces of the marketing mix are interacting and how well they are working together.

They are more willing to share what they have learned and admit their mistakes.

Trust is built when businesses are honest and transparent. Local marketing companies are more likely to be transparent with their wins and losses because they see growth as a partnership. When they have learned from a mistake, they are more likely to encourage and offer advice so that small businesses don’t experience the same heartache they have gone through.

They know your community.

There’s nothing quite like understanding the community that you live in. Each community operates differently – learning how to speak in a way that your community relates to will be integral for your company’s growth. One of the best things about working with a local marketing company is that they already know the climate and pulse of your community. They know what matters are important to them and what makes them want to convert. Oftentimes local marketing companies even give back to the same communities they are in because they love that community and want it to do well.

Whether you choose a large marketing agency or a local marketing company, weigh the pro’s and con’s. Don’t automatically discount the smaller company because oftentimes they offer wins in areas the larger marketing agencies can’t compete with.